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Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical drilling is a drilling process carried out to take soil and rock samples below the earth’s surface. This technique is used to determine the geotechnical characteristics of soils and rocks such as density, strength, and slope stability. In addition, geotechnical drilling is also used in environmental studies to determine pollutant content in soil and groundwater.

Environment Well Installation

Installation of environmental wells is the process of installing wells that takes into account their impact on the surrounding environment. The installation steps must comply with safety and security requirements and pay attention to environmental factors around the installation site. This process must be carried out carefully and comply with established standards to preserve the environment.

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Geotechnical Instrumentation is the use of tools or instruments to monitor geotechnical conditions such as deformation, pressure, humidity, temperature, and vibration in soil or rock structures. This technique is important for observing and measuring the impact of human activities such as building construction, mining, and earthquakes on the geotechnical environment and preventing damage that could threaten the safety of people and infrastructure.

In Situ Testing

In Situ Testing is a testing technique that is carried out at the location or place where the material or structure is located. This method is used to directly measure the characteristics of a material or structure, such as the strength and stiffness of soil, concrete or rock. In Situ Testing is often carried out to ensure the safety and suitability of structures.

Mining Exploration Drilling

Mining exploration drilling is a method used to find and evaluate mineral potential in the ground. In the process, a hole is made using a drilling machine to take rock and soil samples. The data obtained from this drilling is then analyzed to determine whether a mine is feasible for extraction or not.

Near Shore Platform Construction

Near Shore Platform Construction is the process of constructing offshore facilities carried out in shallow water areas. This project involves the use of special technology and equipment to build a platform structure that can be used for drilling for oil or gas. These developments can be carried out along the coastline and are essential to ensure stable and continuous production of oil or gas.

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